"Hamm from the sky": Video und Fotostrecke

Luftbild-Profi Hans Blossey zeigt Deanna Brooks den Himmel über Hamm

Hamm - Am siebten Tag ihres Praktikums in der WA-Online-Redaktion ist Deanna Nicole Brooks abgehoben - und zwar im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Die 18-jährige US-Amerikanerin stieg am sehr frühen Dienstagmorgen zu Luftbild-Fotograf Hans Blossey ins Motorflugzeug und durfte mit ihm rund 40 Minuten lang Hamm aus der Vogelperspektive genießen.

Unvergessliche Momente waren das für das US-Girl, dem als einzigartiges Erinnerungsstück neben ihren Fotos auch ein fast neun Minuten langes Video bleibt, auf dem sie selbst das Flugzeug steuern darf. Faszinierende bewegte Bilder von Hamm - bis hin zur sicheren Landung auf dem Flugplatz Hamm. Wie Deanna den Trip erlebte, hat sie wieder in ihrer Muttersprache festgehalten:

Hamm looks different from above, yet it is still beautiful

"Most people are afraid of flying, rollercosters, heights, their best friends driving, simple things in life. Me, I am not afraid of any of those things. Hans Blossey, if you don't know him I think you should. This morning he took me out in his plane to show me Hamm from the sky! Do I need anymore proof that this town is beautiful? While up in the sky I saw so many things and parts of Hamm that I hadn't seen yet.

Deanna Nicole Brooks absolviert in der WA-Online-Redaktion ein 14-tägiges Praktikum.

My favorite is the Water Castles! I really think that was the coolest, besides the actual plane ride. To me the Castles bring a since of childhood back. Thank you Disney for all the princess movies. The fact that two of the Water Castles are schools, one that is private, and one the belongs to Hamm, just amazes me. The idea of being in a Castle for school just seems so unreal! Plus the castle are like a blast from the past. You can see what the buildings were like without having to do research. You can also get married in a Castle, makes me think about having my wedding here in Hamm one day.

One thing I noticed while up in the air is that in Hamm you will have a bunch of houses all together, then an open field. This isn't normal to me. I am use to the houses being spaced out, and everyone having their own yard where the kids could really play around.

40 Minuten lang mit Hans Blossey über Hamm

Hans told me about the Romans and how they are still finding artifacts from when they were here. He told me how they followed the river until meeting another group and was defeated. I really like how people are still finding the artifacts. I think it would be super cool to be able to say that you found a part of the Romans belongings in your own backyard.

Also, you can see many of the plants right beside the river, because they need the water. I really don't like that. The thought of them being so close to the river makes me wonder how much it pollutes the water. I really like the water, and it would be a shame if it is harmed by all the plants.

Faszinierende Bilder bis hin zur sicheren Landung:

Have you ever got to steer a plane? I have! It's not hard at all as long as you pay attention and keep a steady hand. Now everything else seems a little difficult. You have so many gauges to watch, you have to know how to start the plane, maneuver on the ground, takeoff, and landing. Hans got to do all that for me, and right before we headed back he let me take over on the steering aspect. I thoroughly enjoyed this. If you ever get the opportunity, do not turn it down!

Up in the air is really enjoyable, and it's nothing like the planes you fly in to get somewhere. I liked it a whole lot more because I could see so much more and I felt like I knew what was going on. In the other plane you really have no clue what is going on, just that you are up in the air, which to me I could see how that is scary.

I have now got to see the glass elephant in person, from the sky, instead of just pictures. It is really bigger than I expected. Hans actually has his pictures on display there, it would be quite the treat to be able to see them! I would suggest going to see them as well. Hans told me that to get to the beach by plane it takes an hour and a half. To be able to wake up one morning and say I want to spend the day at the beach, just sounds great to me. Fly for an hour and a half, spend the day, then fly back. It would be extremely nice.

While flying we were going about 100 m/h, which is about 161 km/h, which seems pretty fast down on the ground, but up in the air it feels like you are hardly walking. It's peaceful and beautiful first thing in the morning, something that is a special treat I will never forget.

Overall, flying a plane with Hans was an amazing experience. He is a wonderful man that is extremely sweet. If you ever get to meet him you will be in for a treat. He knows a lot, and he will keep you entertained. You should also go see some of his pictures, from what I am told they are really amazing. I will be going to do that soon. Steering the plane was my second favorite part besides all that I got to see. At first I didn't know if I wanted to, but I am glad that I did. Hamm looks different from above, yet it is still beautiful."

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